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Healthy eating changes everything. Please enjoy exploring the many resources available on this site to learn how to make those changes!

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What can you expect from working with me?

I am committed to helping you live at 100% of your health potential. It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to work on their nutrition and life goals with a trained professional. Read HERE for a great example of how private nutrition counseling sessions can make all the difference!

Ellen has completely changed the way I feel about food and how it relates to all aspects of my life, - See more at: http://www.ellenkittredge.com/#sthash.95R2iiIM.dpuf
Ellen has completely changed the way I feel about food and how it relates to all aspects of my life - See more at: http://www.ellenkittredge.com/#sthash.95R2iiIM.dpuf

"Ellen has completely changed the way I feel about food and how it relates to all aspects of my life..." - T. Vano

Are you?

+ Living with a chronic health condition?
+ Suffering from debilitating fatigue?
+ Concerned about your weight?
+ Confused about what dietary advice to believe?
+ Dealing with chronic stress?
+ Waking up every morning foggy-headed and in need of a coffee jump-start?
+ Not sure how to kick the 3pm sugar cravings?

My passion is helping my clients experience optimal health. No matter what conditions you may have, I can work with you to understand and alleviate them. CONTACT ME now to get started! Or, keep reading below for more about how I can help you.


kiwi_5.jpgFood is medicine. It's really as simple as that. Finding the right foods that work for your body along with making small lifestyle adjustments, can do wonders for your health and vitality, and truly put your life back in your own hands.

I have a passion for what I do, which translates into positive results for my clients. Please read on for more information about my program offerings and what you can expect from working with me. I can guarantee you will look and feel differently due to the work we will do together. Keep reading below for testimonials...

I believe that support is the key to success. As a counselor I will fully support you in your quest for better health. I will:
- Help you discover which dietary and lifestyle modifications work for you.
- Give you practical nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that will help both you feel better and that you can easily integrate into your busy schedule.
- Provide ongoing one-on-one counseling and check-in sessions.
- Follow through to see that you accomplish your goals.
- Direct you towards the recipes, cookbooks, CDs, DVDs, food samples and other materials that will provide inspiration and knowledge to help you along your path.
- Lead private cooking classes, health food store tours, pantry clean-outs and other educational sessions that will help you integrate what you learn into your daily life.

To get a feel for my training, please check out this sample class from the integrative nutrition school that I attended.


Recent Testimonials (Check out the other pages of this website to read more)

"When I found Ellen I was having a lot of issues with my eating habits mainly due to recently (over the past 5 years) developing an allergy to raw fruits and vegetables, a gluten sensitivity and horrible acid reflux. I was not exercising nearly enough, was drinking energy drinks daily and felt fatigued and bloated all the time, making it very hard not to become lazy. So needless to say, I needed some guidance.

Since completing my time with Ellen, I have developed a newfound understanding and appreciation for my body. I am now barely taking my acid reflux medication with help from the supplements Ellen recommended to me. I regularly exercise. I have a huge amount of great, healthy and delicious recipies at my fingertips. (Thank you Ellen! ) I have completely stepped outside my box when it comes to cooking and experimenting with different foods. I am now a mindful eater.

Overall, I feel great!! I have lost weight and have much more energy. I am now concious of all decisions I make.

Ellen has completely changed the way I feel about food and how it relates to all aspects of my life, and I plan to continue this great adventure I've started towards a healthier lifestyle (mind and body).

I would highly recommend Ellen.  Not only is she extremely kind hearted and understanding, but her knowledge in this field is ceaseless. You WILL be amazed. "

- Terri Vano

"Sometimes you just have to hire a professional! My decision to work with Ellen has definitely been the best investment I could have made for my health.

Ellen offers a program you can make your own for the rest of your life. I have tried many diets, and while they offered a short-term solution, after finishing the program with Ellen, I feel empowered to make healthy decisions now and into the future.

I came to Ellen after having my third child, wanting to lose some baby weight and get back to my old size and shape. I was also struggling with low energy, some digestive issues, and an over-active appetite.

My goal was to be able to fit into all my (size 8) clothes again, and instead, after 16 pounds weight loss, I am having to buy some size 6's!

I've also found that my cravings are under control, I have more variety in my cooking, I have no more abdominal swelling, and my energy levels are great.

My stomach is rarely upset anymore, I've had a reduction in my stress levels, and I have much better communication with my body (i.e. we consult together to determine if I need seconds or not).

I found Ellen to be extremely knowledgeable in the science of nutrition, but also to be a wonderful lifestyle coach. She really helped to teach me to find balance in all areas of my life.

I am enjoying all the compliments I've been getting from friends recently about how good I look. It's so wonderful to have my body back and my energy back after many years of not being sure it was possible.

I would highly recommend Ellen's Wellness Breakthrough Programs. And I even told her I'd be happy to talk with any interested clients, so they can have a clear idea of what benefits they can expect from working with her. So ask her, and she'll put you in touch with me!"

- Lotta Kramer, Maryland

"Ellen is a good person. She has a good heart. The relevance is these attributes enable her to care about others. When you hire someone, you want them care about what they are doing for you. 

She is effective because she also cares about her profession (I think of her as a health consultant), works hard at it and is able to impart her knowledge in a way that best meets the needs of the individual. 

I have lost 40 pounds and am living a healthier life style. And that is exactly what I paid her to do in the first place."

- Earl Bradford, Virginia

"Throughout my program, Ellen was not only a counselor and a teacher, she became my friend. I looked forward to every session not only because of what I was learning and how I was growing in my health journey with her but also because she understood my little insecurities and helped me overcome them.

I found her to be both empathetic and knowledgeable. Given the amount of information covered, things could easily get lost or mis-communicated, but Ellen did a great job of breaking things down.

The range of foods I eat has increased with my knowledge of them, and I am cooking with leafy greens and whole grains especially. I knew about kale, quinoa, etc but never appreciated and rarely cooked them before. Now I eat them all the time! In fact, I cook ALL THE TIME.

I have learned how to cook focusing on whole foods and barely ever buy packaged/processed food anymore. I eat better quality vegetables too, since learning about the importance of organic and level of freshness.

My cravings are under control. I have learned to not be“afraid” of the foods I want as long as I eat them mindfully and in moderation.

I have had a cessation of “yo-yo”ing. I lost 5 lbs in the beginning of the program that I have kept off with little to no extra effort,and I have noticed a change in my body composition overall. I feel leaner.

I also have MORE ENERGY. I went from being tired even when I got 8-9 hours of sleep to feeling energetic and alert on 7-8 hours.

I know that I have gained knowledge and habits that will last me a lifetime, as well as a friend. THANKS ELLEN!!!"

- Natalie, Arlington, VA

"I appreciate Ellen’s ability to zero in on acute issues and arrange our meeting times to deal with what she knows to be most important. I complained of my knee pain casually, but Ellen did not take a casual attitude. She listened carefully to all that I said and made accurate, quick assessments. Her suggestions for managing my knee pain worked so fast I could hardly believe it!

As a middle-aged average weight person I was struggling to climb one flight of stairs and had a recommendation for surgery. Through dietary changes I am pain free and agile again. I feel remarkably grateful and so happy the day I met Ellen!"

- Donna McCoy, RN

"Ellen Kittredge is a gifted healer. Her range of knowledge about nutrition is formidable and her method of presentation and engagement is convincing. She has helped me find a way to solve a health problem that had plagued me for years. I will be forever grateful."

- Anne Carman, Annapolis, Maryland

"Ellen has been an amazing resource in my journey to better health. I had no idea what to expect when I came to her, but I was pleasantly surprised. The knowledge she has shared with me has been an absolute blessing. I have begun to lose weight and the headaches I frequently get have dissipated. Of all the nutrition counselors I could have ended up with, I am so grateful to have found her."

- Christina Oliver, Maryland

Read HERE for an inspiring story of how one client is managing her "incurable" health condition with healthy eating and living.


Please take a moment to read through a few more testimonials at the end of this page to see previous client's successes!



Throughout my studies I have explored all the major dietary theories, from Eastern-inspired diets like macrobiotics and ayurveda, to Western diets like Atkins and The Zone. I have learned through this process of exploration that no one diet works for everyone. Therefore my approach is very individualized and I pull from many dietary theories in the work that I do. I provide careful guidance and help my clients to thoughtfully experiment until they find the foods that work best for them.

I also bring to the table knowledge of many important biological properties--how your body metabolizes food, fights off toxins, repairs DNA, and does the many hundreds of other things that are required to sustain life. I will help you gain an understanding of how your specific food and lifestyle choices directly impact these processes, and ways to reverse damage that may have already been done.

Additionally I have a strong background in organic agriculture, having grown up on a small family organic farm, and working at the national level for a couple years on organic and sustainable agriculture and food policy, before switching to a nutrition-specific focus in my work. My lifetime experience in the realm of food, agriculture and nutrition has given me a unique knowledge and skill set that allows me to share with my clients some real specifics when it comes to the best food choices to make for their health and the health of their loved ones. I do not offer a standard by-the-book approach to nutrition. My approach is much more diversified and incorporates the very best of what science currently knows about the body - how we respond to certain foods, and how to bring about true and lasting health.

I also have training in an energetic release therapy, The Quick Pulse Energy Clearing Technique(TM). This unique therapy helps resolve life issues in a very simple and rapid manner.  Quick Pulse is very effective in resolving fears, phobias, and difficult life experiences. It can also clear limiting beliefs, physical conditions, low self-esteem, unwanted personality traits, abundance issues and many other limiting life experiences.


I offer a discounted initial one-hour health consultation. For only $55 you can discuss your health concerns and goals with me in a supportive and confidential environment and come away with some specific steps forward.

One Hour Nutrition Consultation - Discounted First Session


You may also schedule a Quick Pulse Energy Clearing Technique session. These sessions are 1/2 hour long, and cost $35.

1/2 Hour Quick Pulse Clearing Session


Or, schedule an hour-long Advanced Pulse Energy Clearing Technique session. The Advanced Pulse sessions are $85 for one hour, however, you can purchase your first hour-long session for just $55.

One Hour Advanced Pulse Clearing Session - Discounted First Session


Recent Quick Pulse Energy Clearing Testimonials

"Your "quick pulse" really was more profound than many months of therapy. I found it amazing."
- M. M., Bethesda, MD

"I have experienced a sense of calm since the [Quick Pulse] session. I have been able to put a couple things in motion that have been stuck all summer. Yay!"
- J. Young, Mississippi

"Ellen's energy clearing session was awesome! It enabled me to de-link my financial status and self-worth, which opened a ton of energy and space to create what's next. The second week of the cleanse, during which I was inwardly focused, was the perfect time to receive the energy clearing session."
- Erica

"Since I had my first Quick Pulse session with Ellen I have had a sense of calm around the issues I needed to work with - things that in the past really made me feel uncomfortable.

Ellen has an amazing gentle presence, and her guidance during the session was perfect. I really felt supported throughout the session. When you work with Ellen be prepared for amazing shifts. Thank you, Ellen! I'm your newest fan."- Aldona Shea

"When I did energy work with Ellen, I wasn't sure that anything at all was happening. It sort of seemed a little weird, but I trusted that Ellen wouldn't be wasting her time with something that didn't show results. I didn't feel any different during or at the end of the call. But then things REALLY started to open up for me.

I had told Ellen that I was not having luck finding a new job, so that's one of the things we worked on.  Later that day I sat down and asked myself "if I could work anywhere, where would I want to work." Well, the long and the short of it is that I now have that dream job. Yay! Thanks Ellen! And as far as the other "concerns" I brought to the call, they really no longer worry me. Not sure what you did, Ellen, but it worked!"   -- Julie Hudson

Recent Advanced Pulse Energy Clearing Technique Testimonials

"Any way you slice it, working with Ellen is a treat!  Time and time again I have benefited from her perceptive insights, ongoing encouragement, and genuine care in my success. The Advance Pulse technique Ellen is now offering is a powerful way to identify what's getting in your way from having or doing what you most want in life and clearing it so you can move forward. 

After my session with Ellen, the next morning I had a burst of insight that was exactly what I needed to see where I was stuck and where I need to make changes.  The path forward was suddenly clear.  Thank you, Ellen!!"
- Lorie K.

"Thank you for the wonderful energy work. I did experience some releases (physical and emotional) for the days following the phone call. A lot of things that had seemed very important and stressful just didn't seem like that big of a deal (which they weren't!) over the next several days following our conversation.

It was amazing. It felt like a massage over the phone. I would do it again in the future sometime definitely. I appreciate the opportunity."
- Eric C.

"I've had energy work done by several people in many different disciplines over the years, but I have never had such an immediate and positive response as when I worked with Ellen. I feel like my MOJO got a serious jumpstart during our session.

I also really like that Ellen is a very caring and gentle practitioner. She made me feel safe and comfortable through the whole process, even when difficult or painful blocks/memories/feelings arose. Immediately after the session I felt so light - like an enormous weight I didn't even know I was carrying had been lifted. I also felt so much joy. Smiling ear to ear now. Thank you, Ellen!"
- T. Richardson

More Testimonials
Read what my clients are saying!

"Ellen is a wonderful teacher and coach. She is more valuable than Google when it comes to information about nutrition! The breath of her knowledge is astonishing. Since I have begun working with Ellen I have gained a new appreciation of the importance of nutrition in my life. Ellen has broadened my thinking with her holistic approach and helped me change behaviors as well.

I have lost 10 pounds by making more healthy eating choices and I am cooking at least 3 meals a week. Ellen helped by bringing new food I had never tried before like quinoa to our session, along with a recipe for how to cook it. She gave me a list of healthy snacks and lunches and I have now stocked my refrigerator at work with these things.

The resources she has made available to me are many, including books on nutrition, DVDs on healthy cooking, and personal assessments to help me understand my own behaviors, the current state of my nutrition, and why my body behaves the way it does.

Ellen helped me prepare for an 8-day hike in Italy which I was uncertain that I would be able to complete. She gave me encouragement and tips on how to keep my goals visible and in reach. I had a wonderful time and came back feeling healthier than ever!

Ellen has a passion for the work that she does. It is obvious that she practices what she preaches, making her advice all the more meaningful. She is patient and caring but also challenges in a gentle way, helping me see possibilities for a healthier me in the future. After going through a six-month program with Ellen, I have signed up again to continue to receive her inspirational coaching and support."

- CJL, Takoma Park, MD

"About to reach a milestone birthday, with a growing spare tire, Ellen came along at the right time in my life. I knew I needed to make changes, but was uncertain what those changes should be. Ellen methodically takes one through early childhood eating habits and food choices to present day dietary routines.

She is very gentle with her suggestions about new foods, new cooking methods, and different eating habits, like sitting down to eat! I had never eaten kale in my life, and now it is on my weekly grocery list.

I am making better choices, snacking much less, and losing weight painlessly. Sleeping through the night and feeling energized when I awake are real results of my sessions with Ellen. She has made such a difference in my life and I feel confidant that I will be able to continue with these changes for the long haul. I know Ellen will be there encouraging and advising me in her wise and gentle way."

- JPG, Annapolis, MD

"When I turned 29 I had a realization that I was not happy with my health and wanted to do better for my body. I wanted to better nourish my body through food and regular exercise. My goal was to be in better shape and feel better about my life at 30 than at 29. My determination to make these drastic changes came at a big transition stage of my life. My husband and I had just moved from Indiana to Maryland, and we were learning how to live together. I was also learning the trials of continuing a home-based business in a brand new city not knowing a soul.

When I started my sessions with Ellen my main goal was to learn to eat healthy, along with losing weight. I figured instilling these habits in me would also be a positive influence on my husband and our future children. I was eating a lot of processed food and sugary foods, drinking soda every day, and if we cooked at home my husband did the work.

I actually found through working with Ellen that I had a sugar addiction and by lessening the intake, my constant cravings for sugar have decreased dramatically. There are days when I don't crave sugar at all! Ellen has helped me learn what foods work best for my body and what foods don't. Now we cook fresh foods at home most nights and I'm doing the work! Through discussing good food choices, exercise, and strategies to deal with everyday life, Ellen has helped me toward balance in my life. The biggest change I've noticed is that I'm excited about eating nutritious food - who knew kale is the best green ever!

Through Ellen's focus on living your life at 100%, I worked through many repressed issues from the move, the stress of "starting over" with my Mary Kay business and even some stressful moments in my marriage. This was an unexpected bonus from Ellen's guidance. Ellen is such an easy person to talk to and has become my confidant through this transition stage of my life. I have found that even just talking about foods and stresses with Ellen helps me to realize the right path for me. Thanks, Ellen!"

- Shannon Pearson, Annapolis, MD

"I looked forward eagerly to each of my counseling sessions with Ellen. She has just the right blend of her own agenda and a desire to spend her and my energy on what was correct for me. She has a well-developed ability to listen and be empathetic without judgment, while at the same time guiding the conversation toward practical steps and solutions.

Working with Ellen gave me the opportunity to focus on my short and long-term goals in life, and actualize a few of my dreams. While working with Ellen I took the step to make a shift in my 25-year career, to clean up some challenging relationships, and create more space, calm, and order in my life. I've lowered my stress level by beginning to regularly practice planning to accomplish in my day only the tasks that I can actually fulfill.

Ellen is wise beyond her years. Her approach is gentle and non-confrontational, making the experience of working with her easy, non-challenging and supportive."

- Julie, Massachusetts

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